Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Number 22

Read five books...

I love reading. It is possibly my favorite thing in the world! Sadly, during this past school year I had basically no chance to read at all. Since I was deprived during the year, I decided to put this task on the list. I knew it would be fun and enjoyable!

I started off by going to the library and getting four books. I read two of them. I am VERYYYY picky about what I read. It has to be either really famous, have a cool cover, or be about something really weird.

My first book I read was The Crazy School...I almost put an exclamation point there but let's be real, this book did NOT deserve an exclamation point. This book gets a pretty solid thumbs down. When I first picked it up, I was sold on it....and then I started reading it. The book is about a women who is a teacher at a school for mentally crazy teens. Sounds good right? WRONG! I just kept reading hoping at some point it would stop being didn't. Hate my life. Waste of time.

The next book I read was The Dark House.
Thank God this book was a million times better than the last one. I actually found this book really entertaining. It is about a man who is stuck in the monotony of life so he decides to start following cars. One car leads him to a house where a mystery begins unfolding involving the disappearance of his cousin. The book kept my attention so that is always a plus. It wasn't my favorite book in the whole world especially towards the end but I would still recommend it.

That was my first two books. I then returned my books to the library and decided I had no idea what I was going to read.Soo...HELLO AMAZON. I was sitting at Building Hope one day (let's be real that is like everyday) and my mind wondered to online thing you know BAM three books show up on my doorstep.

My third book I read was The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
I had heard a lot about this book but really had no idea what the plot involved. The title makes it sound like it is a chick flick teenage blah blah blah...but in fact it is the most beautiful book in the world. I am slightly addicted to this book. The story is told by a young boy named Charlie. The entire book is written as though you are reading letters that he wrote to an anonymous person. In short, it is a very coming of age book. This book is literally a laugh and cry type book. It is perfect and tragic. Basically, it brings out my artsy adjectives. Although it is pretty graphic sexually and verbally, it is perfect. I love it. Two thumbs up fo sho!

Book number fourrrr... Island

I love any book that has the world island in it (no lie three books just popped into my head). Soo when I was cruising around on Amazon I decided to go for it and i'm glad I did. The story is told as though a boy wrote his story about being stranded on an island with a family in his journal. The family is eventually hunted and people start dying one by one. It is kind of a trashy horror/romance/sci-fi/guilty pleasure. The book is long but it doesn't take much brain power to read and so i finished it pretty quickly. You know how some books are like emotionally draining? Yeah, this one wasn't like that. I still enjoyed the book though and give it a thumbs up!

The third book I got from Amazon is called House of Leaves...I honestly can't even explain it. Literally when it arrived, I thought it was a text book. It is HUGEEE and written so weird. Some pages the writing is vertical, some horizontal, some one word a page, and others diagonally. If that isn't confusing enough, every page had either a footnote or endnote. Sooo I took the easy way out and the book is still unread.

So what is book number 5 you ask? I'd really, honestly, rather not tell because it is quite embarrassing but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't air my dirty laundry. Here it goes. I'm a Twilight fan. Yeah, I know, they are girl books whatever, BUT I was reading them years ago...2007 to be exact. Soo about a month ago (maybe?) Stephanie Meyer (the author of the series) released a short book called The Short Secret Life of Bree Tanner.
The book is kind of a "look behind the curtain" at one of the characters from the third Twilight book, Eclipse. In my defense, I did not go to the library or buy this book. Stephanie Meyer put the book online free for all her fans (ehh, I guess that's me). I honestly had no intention of reading it at all but...things change. I pulled up the website just to look at it and next thing you know I'd been reading for a few hours and finished the book. Yep, embarrassing! It was cute (that is what you say when you like a "little kid" book) and an easy read.

There you have it folks, five books DONEEEE.

Glad to have it marked off.

Number 22 is done. Hecka yeah!


  1. Perks of Being a Wallflower=epic success...but slightly traumatizing.
    Good job on picking out at least four good books! Sorry one of them was a disappointment :/

  2. James!!! Can I borrow that last book...seriously?

  3. "but in fact it is the most beautiful book in the world."
    good job........readers are leaders