Thursday, June 3, 2010

Number 1

Go to an amusement park...

It's about time for a fun one!

I knew this task would require some planning with my hectic work/play practice schedule. Eventually, I picked a day that I figured would work well and bounced it off Marie, John, and Whitney. Everyone said it would be a good day for them so after asking off work, everything was ready to go!

I knew that I wanted to go to Kings Dominion because I had never been but had heard that it was the best for the intense rides. I wanted the intense rides!

Once I had picked the day, the next order of business was to figure out the weather because I didn't want to buy the tickets if it was going to rain all day. When I first looked 9 days before we were going to go, there was a 60% chance but as the days passed it slowly lowered until it was only a 20%. It was then that I decided to go ahead and buy the tickets.

Wednesday, June 2 finally arrives and we all wake up at the crack of dawn and pile into my mother's van which she so generously filled with gas for our road trip. We left at 8 and after a quick pit stop at my sister Anne Michelle's house to take care of her dogs, (the rest of my family had decided to take off a few days to hit the beach) we hit the road!

We drive...

...and drive...

...and make stupid videos...

...and drive...

...and sing-a-long to glee songs...

....and drive...

...and stop at Wendy's for lunch...

...and drive...


We park the van and hop out at our destination!

My beloved friend, Whitney, made me a gnarly sign (I paid a few thousand for it) to hold up in front of the park for my nifty blog. It was at this point that I figured I would leave my camera in the car...sad, I know.

We go in the park and look around some and head straight for our first coaster....The Dominator! Since Jesus loves me (this I know), the entire park was basically empty. Dang this economy! HOWEVER, this worked to our advantage so well. The whole day the longest we waited in line for any ride was maybe 5 minutes. It was amazing!

I obviously can't describe every second I was there and every ride I went on because that would take a long time and as soon as I finish this i'm heading to cross off another task on the list. Don't you wish you knew what it was!

Anyways, I will tell two different stories that stand out in our journey.

The first one was ironically annoying.

You know how when you ride a roller coaster you get off and see the pictures they took while you were riding? You know, the ones where you are making those crazy, stupid, terrified faces? Basically, that is like 50% of the fun of riding the coasters. So we get off the first roller coaster and head to look at the TV's displaying the pictures and you can see everyone but for some reason it gets too dark and you can't see my face. We make a small joke and move on to another ride. We got off that ride and run to look at the pictures, and John's hand was covering my face (he was sitting in front of me and had his arms in the air). The next ride we get off and make jokes about "I bet James's face will be covered again"...IT WAS! The number of the picture was covering my face.

Hate. My. Life.

The second story was intense. Ok, let me give a little background. Kings Dominion has this new roller coaster called The Intimidator 305. Being the tallest coaster at the park, I was obviously way stoked. The night before we left, I was watching Youtube videos of it and this coaster "expert" said that he had ridden it 4 times and blacked out every time. I was more than skeptical. I have ridden a bazillion roller coasters and never blacked out. So, on the ride up I told everyone about what the "expert" had said and everyone was also skeptical. We saved that ride for last. We get on it, go up the hill and then hit the drop. At the very bottom of the drop, you hit this turn so hard.....and I blacked out. It was the weirdest feeling in the world. Everything just started going really grey, almost like your eyes were closing, and then it was just like BAM nothing was there and then BAM I was on the ride again. I knew there was no way I had faked it because as soon as I came to there were some guys sitting behind me and they started screaming "Oh my God, I just blacked out!" When we got off the ride, I went to tell everyone but John and Whitney told me that they had blacked out before I even got the chance to tell them I had. Marie was the only one who didn't, but then again she had her eyes closed the whole time so she had no way to tell.

We rode almost every ride and some more than once. I think it ended up being eight or nine roller coasters and about four other rides. It was incredible! I loved the drop tower. It is basically just a 275 foot vertical drop. It was crazyyyy. Also, it was pretty fun smashing four people into the log flume. It was sooo hot but we got soaked a few times so that helped.

All in all this trip was epic and amazing and I'm so freaking sore from it still.

I had a blast!

Number 1...DONE!

PS: I had the number 1 written on my hand in honor of my blog. I wanted Marie to take a picture with it but she either was not wanting to be in a picture, or thought I was going to hit her...both are likely!


  1. amazing....epic...awesome....inspiring....hilarious......coool.....pocahotmess.....pocahotness.....priceless

    loves dis blog

  2. OH rollercoasters,how i love you,and gotta love the singing and sign making skills...all in all, awesome day!...and blog duh

  3. Perhaps you lost your voice cause of all the beautiful singing you did on the ride up there.
    Sounds like a fun filled day!

  4. just glad you're home safely. That is a mom comment. But moms will be moms. We do worry. Or should I say Pray.