Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Number 19

Stay up for 24 hours...

Doesn't this one just sound like so much fun...yeah, it's not. I remember when it used to be so cool to pull all-nighters. You would go to sleepovers and whoever made it through the night wins some unspoken prize. Well, I haven't done that in about five years. I love sleep.

I figured I'd put it on the list because it would be something fun that would kind of make me feel like a little kid again. Also, in all honesty, I didn't think it would be that hard.

I have been putting this off for awhile, but I finally set a date and decided I would do it then. Since I have already marked off see a movie at midnight, I figured I would do my "stay up for 24 hours" on the night of the Eclipse premiere.

My friend Marie and I bought tickets about 2 weeks before the movie and were set to go. Here, I ran into a few complications. I work Monday-Friday 8-4. This means that I would be up at 7 on Tuesday morning then my 24 hours would be completed by 7 Wednesday morning...BUT there is a problem because I still would have to go to work Wednesday. Sooo in all honesty, this stay up for 24 hours really became more of a "stay up for 32 hours."

I woke up Tuesday morning already tired and was wondering how I would get through it. Work was sooo long and my kids could tell I was tired. Work ended and I went home for dinner and then had my first event of the evening.

My second play of the summer, Harvey, had its read-through. I went to play practice and was there for about two and a half hours working on the details for the show.

After, I went to my friend's house where we chilled until about 10:30 when we headed to the theater. When we got there the place was already packed! We walked through about 7 different theaters trying to find a seat (all the theaters were sold out) and after fifteen minutes of looking (please, keep in mind that we were already there over an hour early) we found two seats in the top row.

Marie and I settled down and talked until we were visited by a few of my friends from high school (this is my shoutout Kayla and Camber).

Finally, the movie started and I began getting tired really quickly. Eclipse was a little over 2 hours so it was about 2:15 when we got out. I asked Marie (she drove) if we could stop by Sheetz on the way home. She agreed because she's awesome like that and I got two Red Bulls and one Five hour energy shot thingy. I knew I would need some ammunition because I was already almost asleep.

We got back to my car, and Marie went inside to sleep and I went home...

and time slowed down...

a lot....

I got on facebook. My blog. My online banking. Facebook. Anything to keep me awake.

I then knew it would be best to go ahead and drink my first Red Bull. It actually helped considerably. I decided I would do something constructive with my new found energy and hit the script hard.

I have quite a few lines in Harvey and need to get them down, not to mention that the director borderline trashed me at the read through so I need to prove something now. I worked on that for about an hour and learned around 50 lines (let's remember it is really late/early).

After that, I went downstairs to feast on some doughnuts my parentals had gotten for me then came back upstairs for more facebook, blog, whatever.

I decided to open the second Red Bull because I felt like I was about to fall asleep, however, my stomach was not wanting more sweet sugary drink. With two Red Bulls and two doughnuts in my stomach, I felt quite sick...I guess it was better than tired?

At this point, it was only about an hour until 7 so I turned on the tv and watched MTV (it was just showing music videos)and chilled.

FINALLY, it turned 7, I took a picture with the clock haha...and DID NOT go to sleep but instead got in the shower to head to work.

Work was interesting seeing how I was completely delirious not to mention my three runs to the bathroom gagging from my energy drinks. I dried heaved many times that day. Those things messed me up and my stomach hurt so bad all day.

I made it through and am back on a semi-normal sleep schedule.

Another marked off...goodbye number 19!


  1. yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay

    "If you don't execute your dreams, you will go the rest of your LIFE working for someone who DID"

    live your dreams and reach for the stars

  2. Aww I wish you would have put the good pic of us! Sorry I didn't stay up with you the whole time :/ Maybe another time? haha

  3. that sounds brutal!! you should've planned ahead and dvd's of a show to watch or something. movies maybe?

  4. In about one hour I will have stayed up for 24 hrs.
    I feel your pain bud.
    Your hair was looking snazzy. ;)