Sunday, July 4, 2010

Number 9

Learn every word to Bohemian Rhapsody...


I knew this would be pretty difficult because there are so many words and the lyrics are kind of a whole lot of crazy. I told my parentals that I wasn't going to make a video I was just going to write about it and take a picture of the lyrics or something...they did not approve.

Sooo since I have no pride left, I made a very middle-schooler-esque music video of me with a remote as a microphone and sweet sunglasses. Please do not judge me for anything you see...especially my dancing skills (or lack thereof).

There is one part in the middle I mess up at, but I didn't feel like rerecording the entire thing. I promise I know the words though.

Enjoy the video! I 100% understand if none of you ever want to talk to me again after seeing this.

Number 9 is finishedddddd


  1. hhahahahahahahahahhaahaha i luuub you jims - kmo

    PS i especially love the part at like 2 mins where there's no words and you just dance, that's my fave haha :)

  2. lol, never let a thing like pride get in your way. Good work and keep knocking out this list!

  3. That was very cute..I'm going to talk to my pastor and see if we can get you to perform that at our Sunday service. Hahaha. Love you!

  4. I love it! This is pretty impressive... I wouldn't be able to know all this. Good job friend!

  5. proud of you
    don't stop believing

  6. Eric and I watched the whole thing and LOL-ed! Nice work on this one!!!

  7. OH MY James!!! Bella and I watched it, I LOL-ed the entire time and she waved, danced, and sang with you! I think she thought you could see her! HA