Thursday, July 8, 2010

Number 16

Prank someone...

I was really excited about this one when I put it on the list.

Then time came when I decided to do it...anddddd my mind went blank. I had no really good ideas about what to do.

I finally decided on something that would be easy. You have no idea how busy I have been lately. It has been so hard to find time to do anything. Right now, I am writing this, uploading the videos from youtube, preparing for another thing on my list i'm doing this weekend, need to shower, have play practice, and just came from an eight hour day at work. I am not trying to complain but instead say that I didn't have time to plan out some huge elaborate prank. I was very pleased at how this one turned out though.

I went with the well known "rubber band on faucet sprayer" prank. I knew that I could get my family to fall for it.


Humorous...I know!

Number 16 is done!


  1. Hahaha lovee it

    Now go pack!

  2. bahaha im a 25daysofsummer prodigy