Friday, May 28, 2010

Number 7

Sing karaoke...

This. Was. The. Worst. Thing. On. My. List.

Where do I even begin...I guess at the beginning.

Sing karaoke was not on my original list. After looking over my first list, I decided a few needed to be changed. For some reason, I decided to add this to the list.

This single task alone has haunted me. I have been so so so so nervous about it that I can't even concentrate sometimes. Literally, I have lost sleep over this one. I am not quite sure why but I'm assuming it is because I do not have a good voice and I think it has always been an insecurity of mine. Being an "actor" (I use that term loosely) there are many times you have to be on stage and put yourself out there. I have no problem with that. However, being an actor comes along with an unspoken assumption that you have some booming Broadway voice...I don't.

This blog is not here for me to be all "I don't have a good voice" and people to be all "Yes, James you do." I'm not fishing for compliments. Fact is fact. I am not a strong enough singer to ever consider any kind of musical theatre. This is where I assume my insecurity comes from. SOOO I decided to sing at Ham's karaoke on Thursday night.

Now, karaoke is quite the blessing and curse for 2 reasons

1. Drunk people can be your best friend (cheering, clapping, singing along)

2. Drunk people can be your worst enemy (Booing, cussing, heckling)

I was afraid.

First, I had to pick a song. Great.

I wanted to sing an upbeat fun song. Not one sung on glee before or by anyone overly talented.
My lovely friend Rachel got me the American Idiot soundtrack for my birthday and I have been rocking out to it lately. I decided I would sing Holiday because the chorus was fun and I could apply it to my blog. The chorus says "I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies, this is the dawning of the rest of our lives..." I thought that was cool and applicable. It'd be perfect.


Hams didn't have that song. They had about ten Green Day songs but not that one...of course.

Let me back up by saying that I was joined by a group of extremely attractive young ladies. Rachel, Marie, and Isley.

Soo we get there and i'm borderline shaking. I was terrified. We get the notebook of songs and to my dismay Holiday isn't on there...blah blah blah. We flip through the book about six million times. Just so everyone knows it is hard to find an appropriate, fun song for people that aren't very good singers.

At last, we settled on Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. I write my name on the little slip and we wait.

...and wait

....and wait

.......and waitttttt

They don't call my name. It was over an hour. At this point I was ready to go and overly nervous and about to die.

Marie and Isley then went and beat up the man who was in charge and grabbed the mic from him (or asked him nicely if I was soon). He said yes and we waited.

Thennn the moment of truth occurs and he calls James.

Now, I had a great speech planned in my head about how I was going to say something about how I was doing this for my blog and some beautiful sentimental lines. It was that time that I saw another guy obviously intoxicated walking up as well.

His name was James. Great.

He grabs the microphone and looks at the screen as my song starts playing. He drops a few choice words as I explain that it was my song. He walks away after glaring at me. To make things even better, all his friends start booing.


I sing.

I realize the song is way to high for me.

I finish.

We leave.

We take picture of me being glad to be done with number 7.

Now, being the great blogger I am, I realize that people would not be pleased with only pictures so I decided to throw my remaining pride I had to the wind and post it.

It is dark and I'm sorry that you can't see that well...such is life!

Number 7 is done!


  1. You did such a good job! I'm so proud of you!!! :)

  2. what! u have a beautiful voice James LOL

    proudofyou : )

  3. yayyyy im so proud :)

  4. knew you would do it! congrats :)

  5. you. are. my. hero

    wish i had been there!

  6. Ya know you don't sound bad. But if you can't go on Broadway, you can definitely be an author. People would buy your books.This is one great blog.

  7. That is hilarious! You were brave! I just popped over from Allison Dameron's blog ... I love the idea! Well done!

  8. looking forward to #4 :)

  9. I agree with your mom. I stumbled across your blog and now have "wasted" and hour of work trying to read through all of your 25 days of summer. Fun idea and you writing about it is hilarious!