Monday, May 10, 2010

Number 13

Find and write to a pen pal...

Ok, so let me start off by saying that this one was a lot harder than one may think. When I first put it on the list I thought it'd be a fun easy one to mark off. Then, as I started thinking about it more I decided that I wanted it to be an international pen pal. So then it struck me that it wasn't as simple as just writing a letter to a person.

I started on this task probably about a week ago. I began by cruising around on the internet and googling every possible thing I could think of. Most of the sites just wanted you to e-mail with people across the world and I was not interested in that. The others wanted you to pay money and they would go through some long application process to match you with a perfectly compatible pen pal. So, I finally found one site and registered for it!

A few days later I went on it and you could search through countries and different ages to write to people. The only problem then was most people didn't put up their address. Alas, I found two people who had up their addresses and found a third to give me a mailing address.

Today I sat down and wrote the letters. The first one was to Mary. She lives in Greece. The second was to Alexandra and she lives in Russia. The third was to Sanjog and he lives in India.

I wrote them all letters and told them what I was doing and even gave the blog site address so they could come look at it. If any of you guys are reading this please leave a comment, that'd be awesome!

I went to the post office (because apparently for international mailing you have to do that...nobody tells me anything) and mailed them away.

Now, i'm crossing this off my list because in all honesty, I cannot control whether or not any of them write back. I would love for all of them to but it's out of my hands. I've done my part and just hope that I will hear back from them!

In other news...I know I hadn't updated in awhile but it's not because i've forgotten. I am working on quite a few of the other tasks doing research or taking steps to complete them! Don't give up because i'm really working to finish them all!

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  1. GREECE!! GREECE!! GREECE!! James this is a really cool idea! I "heart" your blog!!!