Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Number 6

Another one bites the dust...

Sooo this one was a harder decision than I would have thought. I watch a lot of tv and am addicted to a lot of shows. Every show I have a desire to watch, i do. So when it came to watch a whole season, I was stumped. It was just when I was about to head to blockbuster to just scan the shelves that I remembered something. My brother's roommate (Trey) had some seasons of Dawson's Creek.

I am not sure what you all know about Dawson's but I knew very little. It was airing in the late 90s so I was about eight or nine, aka not what I would have been watching at the time. I asked my favorite brother in the world if he would see if Trey would let me borrow a season, and low and behold he did!

Now, this summer I'm working, going to play practice, and working on this blog (trust me it is a lot more work than you'd think), so I was so confused to when the heck I would do all this. It was then that my brother informed that he was probably going to be spending the weekend at the house since his gf, Whitney, is in Italy for a few weeks studying abroad. Knowing that he was going to be pitiful, I decided we would have a hardcore Dawson's marathon. I'd keep him company and he'd help me mark this off my list, everyone wins! ANDDDD it was filmed in Wilmington which just makes it a bigger win!

Soo Friday night rolls around and we pop it in. I know very little about Dawson's. All I know is 1. Katie Holmes is in it. 2. They have a freaking awesome theme song...or so I thought.

We started the first episode and I was expecting to hear/see this...


BUT NO...freaking after season 1 and 2 they changed the theme. Oh well, life goes on. I was depressed

John and I went hardcore all Friday and a lot of Saturday. Sadly, he went home and I was forced to finish alone on Sunday and Monday. I am done though and enjoyed it for the most part. The show is a classic teen drama only with a lot of 90's attire and oldies music attached.
Glad to have another one finished. My summer is starting to pick up!

Comments are appreciated and encouraging! Don't give up on me, I know sometimes there are breaks in between for awhile but I have a lot of "in the process" ones.

"I don't want to wait, for our lives to be over..."-Dawson's Creek


  1. James, this whole idea is so amazing! This is fabulous and I think it will inspire lots of teens and young adults to put some thought into how they are spending their summer! I hope you finish them all!! Love reading your blog!

  2. I am super proud of you!

  3. Haha, I think I might be able to help you with some of the items left on your list, but I am glad you went ahead and got this out of the way... because I wouldn't be able to take 4 straight days of Dawson's Creek. I admire your perseverence haha. Overall, good summary of you're experience. Keep em' comin!

  4. Good job James! I think eating the oreos in one day needs to be next! :)