Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Number 10...THE END

Watch the sunrise...

I can't believe this is it.

A few days ago, or maybe it has been a week at this point I don't even remember, my best friend Marie and I decided one night (at about 10 PM) that we were going to go to the beach.

That is what I love soo much about Marie. She is willing to be crazy spontaneous with me whenever I want!

Anddd soo we went to her house and she got everything she needed and put on her swimsuit (at least for the beachy look) and then we headed to my house.

I put on my bathing suit, got a sheet for us to sit on, and we both got our music collections.

We decided to leave my house about 2 and head for the beach. First, of course we stopped at Sheetz and we both got energy drinks and snacks.

Then we hit the road...
The drive was a blast and we listened to all our music and rocked out hardcore. The trip was our attempt to feel "infinite"

We pulled up to the beach and got out and it was so beautiful so late. You could see all the stars and hear the ocean. It was quite hypnotic.

We first decided to go up and sit in the lifeguard stand...
...but that got kind of boring so we decided to move down onto the sheet
We sat for awhile and just talked about everything in our lives. It is crazy that we are about to be sophomores in college and we are still best friends. Marie has been there for me since we were eight. We bonded and talked, and talked and bonded.
Then we decided to get into our bathing suits and go for a walk. I really wanted to go swimming but Marie was positive that I would get attacked by sharks so I didn't go in past my knees. It was so beautiful out there. Ok, ok I know i'm going a little picture overkill but it's my last post and I'm kind of emotional about it.

Finally, the beach slowly started to get lighter.It was only about 5:15 AM so Marie and I couldn't tell if we were going crazy or if the sun was already coming up. This went on for almost an hour. It just kept getting lighter and lighter with no signs of the sun.

I decided to pass my time by feeding the seagulls some Cool Ranch Munchies.Marie was not very happy at all. She ran half way down the beach screaming and threatened to go sit in the car. Apparently, she has a bird phobia...who knew?

Finally, we turned and could see the place where the sun was starting to come up.
It was just over these little houses (I was kind of upset because I was hoping it'd rise over the water but such is life). We watched it and took pictures.

It was honestly one of the most magnificent things i've ever seen. It is soo crazy how it happens, and so fast too. One second there was no sun and then less than five minutes later it was up.We finally left and headed home. We were both extremely tired and ready to get into bed.

We made a safe drive home, said goodbye to each other, and then slept the day away.
...and number 10 was completed.

And just like that, I'm done. I'm finished. It is so hard for me to even comprehend. It seems like just yesterday when the idea popped into my head.

It has been such an incredible summer. I appreciate everyone who has read this so so much. I have had a blast and am so thankful I did this. Thank you to everyone who helped me in any of the tasks.

I made this video sort of as a scrapbook of my summer. It is basically the entire blog put into about 3 minutes. It is my way of remembering everything.
I finished it.





  1. Prouda you james! this was a great blog and fun to keep up with! I especially like the video you made haha perfeccttt! now lets go blackout on another roller coaster! haha

  2. That was great! Loved your little video and the post about being famous - awesome..

    I am sure your readers will be sad you are done. I enjoyed reading about your summer adventures!

  3. Congrats on finishing the list man. That was awesome! You inspired me and I'm sure many others to do something like that in the future.

  4. You did such a good job! I love you soo much! Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog. it was such a great idea, and I'm glad you saw it through. Oh, and thanks for putting up all these awful pictures of me :) haha

  5. This was such a cool idea. I'm so proud you finished it. :)


  7. Outstanding! Congrats on finishing! YOU DA BOMB!!