Sunday, August 1, 2010

Number 3 and Number 4

Have my 15 minutes of fame...

Jump into water fully clothed...

I have been so excited about these. When I first added have my 15 minutes of fame, I was worried about whether it would be possible or not. I knew I didn't want to use my plays because they were used for another specific task.

Soooo I started contacting people right away telling them what I was doing. I actually got one e-mail from a woman saying she was interested from The Daily Reflector and then about two hours later I got an e-mail from a different woman saying she was interested from The Daily Reflector. I e-mailed them both back and then they talked to each other and we worked something out.

Kristen Day is my hero. She is the one who wrote the article, interviewed me, and put up with all my stuff for probably about 6 weeks.

We have been e-mailing back and forth almost all summer ironing out little details and trying to come up with ways to get the article together.

We decided that it would be cool to have me do "jump into water fully clothed" for a picture for the newspaper. After a few issues on where to do it, Kristen e-mailed me and told me that she had talked to the people at North Campus Crossing and they would love for us to do it there.

Wednesday, July 21st, we set the day and time to meet for our interview and to do the big jump. I brought Pat (my little sister) along to video me because I knew I'd want documentation myself.

I met Kristen outside and we sat at a table and began our interview.

1. Kristen is possibly the nicest person I know in the world
2. I was so nervous and felt like I talked in circles
3. The interview lasted close to 45 minutes

After that Pat and I ran to the gas station for a drink (we had about 30 minutes until the photographer was showing up) and Kristen went to run an errand.

We all met back up for the big jump!

I was pretty nervous because I was going to run and jump into the North Campus Crossing pool with all of my clothes on in front of probably about 30 peers.

I told Kristen that I was silently hoping they were all drunk enough not to be aware of what was going on.

For the jump, I wore a white collared shirt and a teal undershirt (I wanted something summer-y looking for the paper) and shorts and rainbows.

After some planning out about where I should jump, we settled for through the waterfall underneath the pirate ship.

The rest can be seen on the video...

After the initial jump, the photographer wanted to take a few pictures just in case so we staged me kind of falling into the water backwards...

After, I got out, attempted to dry off, said goodbye, and headed home.

Then came the fun part...waiting for the article.

I had a good 10 days to wait until it would be published.

I did, however, have a few things to help.

In the interview, Kristen had asked if she could talk to one of my friends, so I set up a phone interview with her and Marie for that Monday (July 26)

That helped quench my nervous/excitement a little

AND then

On Friday, the 30th I woke up to a picture message from her showing me what the front page would look like.

I was bouncing around all day showing just about everyone I could the picture.

Alas, today came (Sunday, August 1) and my article came out.
I woke up at 6 and ran to the mailbox only to see that it hadn't come yet so I went back to sleep for a few hours and finally saw it!

Here is a link to the article for anyone that wants to read it...for some reason it won't let me make it a hyperlink so just copy and paste it.

I am so so happy and so thankful to Kristen and everyone at The Daily Reflector!

Also, if maybe you stumbled across my blog from the article or something, leave a comment. I would really appreciate hearing from you!

All you guys that have been faithful readers, I love hearing from you too!

Number 3 and 4 are done!


  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you :)

  2. this is awesome! you're my hero! you've really inspired me to do something like this next summer!

  3. you better still talk to me now that you're famous! love you friend!!! -Rachel

  4. I can have my daughter set up a lemonade stand! :-)