Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Number 5

Buy lemonade from a neighborhood stand...

Ughh this one was sooo hard. Every time I would drive through any neighborhood I would look but could never find one.

About a month ago, I got a call from my parents saying they had found one and so I got dressed and rushed to the place they said it was...and nothing.

Then earlier this week, I got a text from my brother's girlfriend Whitney saying she had seen one. I get in the car head to where it was...and it was gone...again.

I was starting to get really frustrated until my savior texted me.

Allison is amazing and told me that her daughter was setting up a lemonade stand the next day and I should stop by, and I did!

T.D. and Allison were my youth pastors in high school. They have two daughters and one is the perfect age for lemonade stand-ing?

I stopped by, got my 25 cent cup of awesome, and loved my life to finally cross it off.

Thank you so much T.D., Allison, and most importantly Isabella!


  1.'re famous btw ;)

  2. cuteeeee. glad you found one!